Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods can I use to buy a product?

We are happy to inform you that the online store supports Paypal. Paypal takes care of the payment process for most valuta types and payment methods such as paying with credit card or wire transfer. Paypal is known for their save use for the customer.

Can I request a refund for a product?

You can choose to download a demo first to see if the product meets your expectations. The demo allows you to play with it 30 minutes every time you re-open the DAW or standalone. Because we provide the demo option, we’ve decided to give no refunds.

Can I purchase tax-free?

If you buy as a EU business outside the Netherlands you can buy tax-free.
If you want to make use of this service, please send us an email at sales@jb-audio.com with the following information:
- Full personal name
- Company name
- Email address
- Shipping address
- Desired product
- VAT ID number

Is it allowed to share a product license with other people?

Every purchase comes with one personal license, so customers are not allowed to share their license.

Is it allowed to install a product on multiple computers?

You can choose to install a product on multiple computers, however the usage of the product is limited to one computer at the same time.

How does the demo of MPEfy work?

The demo allows you to play MPEfy 30 minutes every time you re-open the DAW or standalone. The demo consists of all the same features and except for the time-limit it does not differ in any way from the purchased version.

Which MPE controllers are supported by MPEfy?

We have tested MPEfy mainly with the ROLI seaboard block but every MPE controller should work. If you have any trouble please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@jb-audio.com and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

What are the system requirements for MPEfy?

The product works for a modern mac computer running OSX 10.11 El Capitan and all later versions OR a modern windows computer running Windows 10.0 or later.

What are the DAW requirements to load MPEfy?

You need a DAW that supports MPE midi because otherwise MPEfy cannot receive the midi from you device. To make sure that your DAW supports MPE we have compiled a list of DAW’s that we know support MPE:

- Logic, MainStage, Garageband
- Reaper
- Cubase
- Tracktion Waveform
- Cakewalk

If your DAW isn’t listed it might also support MPE, but you will have to check this yourself. Remember that you can still load MPEfy as a standalone application if your DAW is not supported.

Which plug-ins can be loaded into MPEfy?

MPEfy loads Audio Unit (mac only) and VST2/VST3 synthesisers.
If you have any trouble with a specific plug-in, please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@jb-audio.com.

Can I use MPEfy without any installed audio plug-ins?

The main goal of MPEfy is to connect your MPE device to your audio plug-ins, that is why an installed third party plug-in is an essential component. You cannot use MPEFY without an MPE device and an audio plug-in.

How does MPEfy connect my MPE device to a plug-in?

An important aspect of MPE is that pitch bend can be controlled per note individually by gliding with your finger. A synthesiser that uses normal MIDI receives and handles one pitch wheel value. As a solution MPEfy creates one plug-in per note that you play. The number of plug-ins that are created can be specified from the MPEfy window.