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pluck me

Are you tired of playing digital instruments that do not respond to you
like an acoustic instrument does?

Have you been using an MPE controller but you haven’t found
the expressive synthesiser that fits your need? 

then Allow me introduce pluck me, an MPE compatible software synthesiser
that is designed for interaction and realism.
specs: vst3 / au plug-in and standalone application. windows/mac.
alpha prototype version 0.1.0

To try pluck me for free, simply submit your e-mail below:


to create outstanding instruments and effects that stimulate the creativity of a musician by providing new, unique and expressive sounds.
The starting point for designing these tools is the analog physics of sound where the use the digital domain is used to cross the limits of nature.

“Both music and computers have been close to my heart. combining these two makes JB Audio which is a dream that come true.”

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all-in one plug-in development including dsp, UI, copy protection, installers, for windows, mac, vst, au and aax.


designing dsp algorithms for convolution, synthesis or sampling and of course waveguide purposes.


juce is the framework that is used for all development and it provides the tools of creating any type of program like a standalone, plug-in or app.


Aalsterweg 61b
5615CB eindhoven
The netherlands


digital waveguide

digital waveguides is one of the technologies that jb audio uses to design audio algorithms.
this method of modelling acoustic waves has given a revolution in the music technology industry.
I honour Julius O. Smith for his research on this topic.

Jb audio has developed an open source waveguide library for use in these algorithms.


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